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Why Choose Us

Our Student Successes

Nathan Bishop - IT Technical Support Level 5    

While studying at People Potential I gained invaluable skills which has made my goal of reaching the top within the IT industry realistic and obtainable. I have gained employment in the IT industry and plan to use this as a stepping stone to further my education and training within this industry. I am very grateful for the support, resources and guidance I received from the team at People Potential.  

Karl Birss - SAC Forces

While studying at People Potential, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go on Outward Bound which was a life changing experience. With the qualifications I gained while studying, I have secured an interview for a position as a customs officer at Auckland International Airport.

Tumanako Phillips - NCEA - Dargaville

Before coming to People Potential,  I watched my brother successfully complete a course at PP and this made me really want to be a apart of something. People Potential not only helped me gain my NCEA Level 1 & 2, but also helped me gain my learners licence, set realistic goals and to create a plan for the future. For any future students that would like to join People Potential, it is an awesome place to learn, achieve and gain qualifications.  You should definitely give it a go!

Performance Results

Check out the awesome results our students achieved in 2017:

      • 79% of our learners achieved a qualification at Levels 1 – 6
      • 88% of learners studying programmes at Level 1 – 3 showed an improvement in literacy and numeracy skills
      • 320 of our learners passed their driving licence – 219 learner licences, 86 restricted licences and 15 full licences
      • 81% of our learners moved on to a positive destination after leaving People Potential
        • 401 of those learners gained employment
        • 198 of those learners progressed to higher level study



NZQA External Evaluation and Review

People Potential was one of the first tertiary education providers in New Zealand to participate in the EER process created by NZQA and was awarded the highest rating of being a Category 1 provider – Highly confident in educational performance and Highly confident in capability in self-assessment. This process is designed to provide learners with confidence that the education they receive at People Potential is of a high standard and NZQA confirms the effectiveness of this at a national level.

To view the whole document created by NZQA click here.

NZQA Best Practice Case Study

As a result of the external evaluation and review conducted by NZQA, the team was asked to contribute to a case study formed by NZQA and Ako Aotearoa where interviews were conducted on effective practices implemented throughout the organisation for self-assessment which were published for providers at a national level.

To view the full report created by NZQA & Ako Aotearoa click here.

ITENZ & Quality Commission

People Potential is a member of the Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand, a national organisation representing over 187 private tertiary institutions in New Zealand.  People Potential has been awarded Provider of the Year each time it has applied from 2003 – 2011.  Bronwyn Ronayne (CEO) and Andrea Ross (Managing Director) have been also been recognised for their outstanding work in the industry by ITENZ.  Bronwyn achieved her Bachelor of Applied Management in 2016 and received the ITENZ Margaret Yates Scholarship which supports people undertaking academic projects, undergraduate or postgraduate study, or advancing areas of expertise to further their professional development.  Andrea was awarded the ITENZ Leadership Award, which recognises people that have excelled in performance, participation and achievements.

Sandra McKersey (People Potential Chairperson) was one of the founding members of the Quality Commission, set up in 2005. The Commission is an independent body that provides a complaints resolution service for students - a free and easily accessible service that respects the rights of the student and the provider.  Providers belonging to the scheme set themselves apart from other providers, demonstrating they offer a quality training experience. The QC brand is the mark of a mature and responsible provider.



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