Adult & Tertiary Teaching

Become a teacher that empowers learners of all ages! Become the motivation for the next generation.

Whether overseeing learning activities with individuals or groups, being an adult educator means handling a diverse pool of learners. You may find yourself teaching mature students or employees studying to gain professional qualifications. There is a wide scope of teaching jobs out there in Whangarei, and the community can flourish with Adult & Tertiary practitioners who are good in educational facilitation and assessment practices.

If you are keen to explore the field of Adult & Tertiary teaching, People Potential can develop your confidence and skills to become a certified adult facilitator. We offer a range of Adult Teaching programmes to build your qualifications and sharpen your communication skills.

Check out the following pages to find out more about what each course can offer you:

Workplace Assessor Training

Run a baseline and assess performance on many levels through our effective fee-paying, two-day course. This is set up for those who require the unit standard 4098 for assessing competency standards.

Assessment Practice Level 4

Teaching is a skill that needs to be honed and through proper training you can develop the confidence and skills needed for the role. Through our course, you’ll be able to conduct standardised assessments and performance reviews to determine an individual's occupational competence in the adult and tertiary education sector.

Adult & Tertiary Teaching (Level 4)

Lesson planning and tutoring can be a huge challenge for some, develop the right skills to foster learning and curiosity among your students. This course is a series of scheduled workshops usually held at the Whangarei Campus, we are also open to organising private courses in other venues based on sufficient demand.

Adult & Tertiary Teaching (Level 5)

Master the skills to facilitate one-on-one mentoring and group lessons across various age groups. This programme helps you design and implement lessons by creating an engaging learning environment for learners. Develop your tutoring, assessment and development skills!

  • These programmes are open to all people aged 16 years and over and have left school.
  • You need to be eligible to study in New Zealand
  • Students need to have a desire to gain qualifications in the relevant industry and progress to employment if not already employed in the industry.
  • Students will also need to have an appropriate level of literacy and numeracy skills to study at the programme level which will be assessed during the selection interview process, the Selection interview process is completed to ensure the best possible chance of student success.

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