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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

Programmes in Early Childhood Education and Care range from Level 2 to 3.  The purpose of these qualifications is to provide Aotearoa New Zealand with people who can participate in the education and care of infants, toddlers, and young children in an entry-level career role in a range of early childhood contexts.

Want a career working with children?  Gain skills and knowledge to start your career here!

The objective of this programme is to provide you with fundamental skills for the early childhood industry.  We will give you an insight into the different opportunities available, a plan for your future, increase your confidence, and teach you early childhood and life skills, with the primary focus on parenting roles or as support for Kaiawhina and carer in a supervised environment. We will help make a plan for your future, increase your confidence, and teach you life and early childhood skills. 

The two programmes available for Early Childhood Education & Care at People Potential:

Early Childhood Education Level 2
Are you interested in beginning your career in early childhood learning?  Start your career here!

Early Childhood Education Level 3 
Build onto your knowledge and skills for caring for our tamariki.  Progress to further education or into your early childhood career path! 

Entry Criteria:

These programmes are open to all people who are aged 16 years and over and have left school.  Participants need to have a desire to gain qualifications in the relevant industry and progress to higher level training or employment.
You will also need to have an appropriate level of literacy and numeracy skills to study at the relevant programme level and this will be assessed during the selection interview process.  The selection interview process is completed to ensure the best possible chance of student success. 
For programmes at Level 3 or below a literacy & numeracy test is required. 

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